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Soldier and Family Reunion


June 9, 2019

We have a specific duty to inform the citizens of northeast Florida as well as our business, civic and elected governmental leaders about the vital importance of locally based sea service activities to the local economy. Taken together, our sea services generate the largest single industry contribution to our local economy; more than 15 billion dollars of beneficial economic impact annually. While we might regard this contribution as reasonably secure, there is always pressure to increase the efficiency of military spending. This has led to major realignments of resources in the past that have sometimes hurt us significantly, largely because of political pressures favoring other areas. Guarding against such losses in the future depends upon maintaining close and supportive relationships with our congressional representatives. Accomplishing that is largely based on keeping the importance of the sea services in top-of-mind awareness among local leaders and citizens alike. The most effective advocacy comes from bottom up. Keeping it coming is our job as Navy Leaguers.

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